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Wish You Could Avoid Hearing Your Teen Say The Dreaded Words "There's Nothing To Do", For The Entire Summer?

What If I Told You There IS a Way To Keep Your Teen Away From the TV, Busy, AND Happy All Summer?
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From: Aurelia Williams

Subject: School's Out! Plan For the Perfect Teen Summer.

Dear Parent/Caretaker of a Teenager,

Are you worried about your teen coming to you a week after summer starts and asking you what they should do, or telling you how bored they are, or worse, having them spend hours upon hours watching TV, playing video games getting in trouble just roaming the streets? I feel your pain, I've been there.

Find Out How To Plan For The Perfect Summer and Keep Everyone (you included) Happy!

Get advice from real experts on how you can keep your teen busy this summer and make your life a lot easier! Best of all, you'll have fun getting to know other moms in the same situation and get to ask YOUR questions on how to make this the best summer ever.

You know summer can be LONG and BORING if you don't have some solid plans made for keeping your teen busy and out of trouble.  As a busy mom that can be a challenge and often the ideas just run out!  That's why the 'School's Out! Plan For the Perfect Teen Summer' package is here, to help you make it the perfect summer for your teen.

Moms Want Advice on
How To Keep Their Teen Busy.

My name is Aurelia Williams, and I'm the owner of the Parenting My Teen talk-show, an internet radio show and resource site all about parenting teenagers.  Through Parenting My Teen I have had the opportunity to speak with some amazing guests and share this information with our listeners.  It's been a very rewarding experience. 

I am a part time work at home mom of 3 children (and I have raised and I am still raising 4 children).  They range in ages from 7 to 21 and since I have spent countless summers keeping them busy I know it takes a lot of planning and effort!

'School's Out! Plan The Perfect Teen Summer.'

The 'School's Out! Plan The Perfect Teen Summer' seminar was a 2-day event featuring 4 experts that talked to us about all the many positive things that you and your teen can be focusing on this summer. Things like: Education, money, preparing for college, sex, drugs, staying out of trouble and more.   Also included in the seminar were bonuses that had a total value of over $200!

The following bonuses are included

  • 10 Week Summer Action plan with ideas for keeping your teens occupied.

  • 11 page report on Summer Learning For Your Teen

  • 11 page report on Staying Friends with Your Teenagers & Raising Them To Be Happy & Successful Individuals

  • 15 page report on all the basic skills your teen needs to live on his own down the road.
  • A 90 minute audio explaining Nine Easy Steps to Solve Conflicts with your teen.
  • 1 page report on how to assist your teen in the search for a summer job.

Here is our fantastic line-up of expert speakers for this event:


Linda Hinkle    

Linda will be speaking on Education Concerns - Is Summer School Needed?

  • How to prepare for college.
  • Preparing for the next year of highschool.
  • Will your child benefit from summer school?

Linda Hinkle is an educator and advocate for parents of high school students. She lives in central Arkansas where she spent 29 years teaching high school mathematics. She now devotes her professional time to private tutoring and educating parents on how to help their teens be successful high school students. She is the owner of HighSchoolStuff.com, a resource site for parents of high school students.

By sharing her experiences as both educator and parent she helps other parents not only survive, but actually enjoy the teen years.



Annette Yen     


Annette will be speaking on Summer Jobs
(and Beyond!)

A short audio message from Annette giving you just a sneak peek at what she will be discussing during her segment.

  • Job Ideas.
  • Creative ways to help your teen find a job.
  • Starting a Business over the summer and beyond.

Annette Yen, mom of two, has included her children in her home business since they could walk and talk. Now as teenagers they're an integral part of the family business and they are learning valuable entrepreneurial and life skills. She co-created the popular site http://www.showkidsthemoney.com to encourage other moms to ShowKidsTheMoney, too!


Wouter Van Der Hall    

Wouter will be speaking on Sex and drugs

  • How to devise a plan to ward off the sexual and drug pressure our teens may face.
  • We will talk about ho summertime usually means more free time for our teens that aren't as supervised as other months.
  • Talking about the pressure of sex & drugs and perhaps devising a family contract or plan for when our teens get into this situation.

Wouter van der Hall is author of The Parent Program and he has worked in Child Welfare for over 25 years.  He worked in treatment centers for children and youth with severe behaviors as a group and family counselor as well as team leader.

Wouter has worked with families in very complex situations and also has been fortunate to travel far and wide.  He now dedicates himself fully to getting as many parents as possible the tools they need to do their most important job well. As a parent educator, coach and writer.



Marie Ynami      

Marie will be speaking on Summer Activities

  • Ways to keep your teen busy, active, entertained and doing positive things over the summer. 

  • Marie will offer ideas on activities for teens during the summer holidays and beyond.

Marie Ynami is a work at home mom from California. She has two highschool aged children - a girl and a boy - and one elementary aged boy.

Marie is passionate about finding activities that keep her children busy and entertained while teaching them a life-long skill. Marie runs an online community for moms and also hosts MomSoapBox Talk Radio.



What Parents of Teens Have to Say About Aurelia

"As a listener and a subscriber I am overjoyed with all the information I receive from Aurelia.

Aurelia's advice has helped me with my son more than she will ever know."

LaTara Ham-Ying

"Bravo Aurelia,
Parents of teens are craving helpful information and resources and your seminar has come to the rescue. As a mom of a teenage son I feel like you have a camera in our home. Just when my husband and I have questions, like about teen driving, you provide help on that topic!

Thank you for all that you and your guests do to help us with important concerns and issues that we face everyday."


Rona Berry-Morin


As soon as you sign up to receive your School's Out package you will immediately receive your link to download the expert seminar audios and all of the bonuses (outlined below) 


Yes! Aurelia, I Want to Keep My Teen Occupied, Busy and Having the Perfect Summer This Summer!

I understand this course includes:

  • Access To the Audios of ALL Four Teen Expert Seminars that were conducted on May 16th & 17th, in the  Online Conference Room or On The Conference Line.  This includes the Experts presentation AND the Question and Answer time with each expert
  • 10 Week Summer Action plan Filled with great ideas on keeping your teen occupied during the summer.  This printable guide includes weekly planning pages, a section for your personal notes and a 'Hope To Do' page for your teen.  ` Valued at 29.99
  • 11 page report on Summer Learning For Your Teen:  That discusses "summer brain drain", the loss of learning that occurs in students over the summer and how parents of teens can help prevent summer learning loss. `  Valued at 19.99
  • 15 page report on all the basic skills your teen needs to live on his own down the road. This includes being able to do laundry, plan and cook a balanced meal, take care of the car, as well as basic household chores and how to deal with money. Also included:  a menu planning sheet and a shopping list.  `  Valued at 24.99
  • A 90 minute audio explaining Nine Easy Steps to Solve Conflicts with your Child or Teen (complete with handouts). `   Valued at $99.00

Grab your School's Out Package Today at your Special price of only $14.99! 

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You will be happy you made the decision to make this summer the best summer ever for your teen and for you!

All the best,

P.S.  If you're a parent to teens then you need to get in on this opportunity to plan the perfect summer for your teen.

P.P.S. Sign up now to ensure your spot, the conference room only holds 30 people so if you don't make it in time there's nothing we can do!

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